Tuesday, January 29, 2013

=>> March Seal-less Pump - High Temperature

Buy March Seal-less Pump - High Temperature

Seal-less Magnetic Drive 1/25 hp pump. This pump is a great little worker in your brewery! It comes with 6' power cord. 1/2" NPT (National Pipe Thread) fittings on both inlet and outlet. The pump handles temperatures up to 250 F, internal pressures to 5 psi and pumps a maximum of 6 gallons per minute. Materials that come in contact with solution are Polysulfone, 316 stainless steel, silicon rubber, Raton and Teflon. The single phase motor is fan cooled. Do not run the pump dry, this can damage the unit. It is not self-priming, so it will need to be placed below the level of the liquid source. Also, the pump should be placed in a dry location as the housing around the motor is not water-proof.Note: To restrict flow place a ball valve on the out flow of this pump.Note: Blichmann QuickConnectors are highly recommended. Be careful not to cross threads when attaching fittings.

March Seal-less Pump - High Temperature

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